We at Kirby Insurance have been serving Mission for over 30 years. We remain a broker of choice because we continue to improve our markets, products and services. Our knowledgeable, friendly and professional staff can customize an insurance policy to fit your needs, whether personal or business-related. We are a family run business and are also part of the InsureBC group of companies, one of the largest insurance groups in British Columbia, with over 70 locations to serve you.  

We at Kirby Insurance thank all of you who have been supporting us and look forward to serving you for many years to come. We take pride in our customer service.  

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Insurance companies that we represent:

Some of the Speciality Insurance Market Underwriters that we do business with include:  

  • InsureBC Underwriting Services 
  • Beacon Underwriting Ltd. 
  • Guardian Risk Managers; and Premier Marine Insurance Company. 

All these companies have very informative web sites with many applications for all types of insurance, personal as well as commercial risk. You could choose to download an application from one of these websites and have us provide you with coverage within a few hours for most of their insurance products. Feel free to call us and we can assist you in completing the application.



Vehicle travel is a fact of modern life, and accidents are too. Protect yourself from unmanageable financial consequences by having enough liability insurance for your vehicles. We can help you choose the right coverage, and get competitive quotes for insurance that meets your specific requirements. 

We provide private and commercial auto insurance coverage for the following vehicle types: 

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Basic insurance is the minimum liability insurance coverage that a vehicle owner must purchase from the Insurance Corporation of BC (ICBC) before operating a motor vehicle on a BC highway. In British Columbia, the minimum third party legal liability coverage is $200,000 for each vehicle. Taxis and limousines require $300,000; buses $500,000. 

Coverages include: 

  • third party legal liability; 
  • “no-fault” accident benefits;
  • under insured motorist protection (UMP); 
  • protection against uninsured and unidentified motorists; and inverse liability overage. 

Optional Autoplan insurance includes a variety of additional coverages that a vehicle owner may purchase. The most common Optional Autoplan coverages are: 

  • extended third-party legal liability; 
  • collision; 
  • comprehensive; 
  • loss of use; 
  • replacement cost/limited depreciation; 
  • Roadstar package; 
  • Roadside Plus package; and increased under-insured motorist protection (UMP).

If you have more than 10 years’ driving experience and a good driving record, a private carrier may provide better value for your optional coverages. Contact us to see if private auto insurance is right for you. 

ICBC bases your premium on a variety of factors: 

  • principal operator’s driving experience; 
  • territory of operation; 
  • location of the vehicle when not in use; 
  • use of the vehicle (pleasure only, business, artisan, etc.); and applicable discounts. 

Current and true information about these factors must be provided when purchasing a new plate or renewing an existing plate. Failure to provide accurate information could result in denial of a claim. 

A full line of commercial automobile ratings (such as fleet rating and pro-rate plates) is also available through ICBC. 

For further information or expert advice on your automobile insurance needs, please contact us. We look forward to serving you. 

We have access to the Private Motorcycle Insurance programs offered through Megson Fitzpatrick, Beacon Underwriting, and Oasis Insurance. These programs include coverage for physical damage for your motorcycles and ATVs, Trail Bikes and Snowmobiles, with optional liability coverage and very competitive pricing. 

The ATV Program for Trail Bikes and Snowmobiles includes liability for forestry roads with premiums starting at $100 for the year, with optional coverage for physical damage including theft. 

Enjoy the freedom of the open road and have peace of mind in your recreational trailer by choosing your customized insurance coverage through Aviva Elite’s Holiday Trailer Program. Be it a recreational trailer, 5th wheel, truck camper or tent trailer, you’ll receive quality coverage at a competitive price. 

Highlights of coverage include:* 

  • Low deductible limits 
  • Personal property coverage
  • Detached structure coverage 
  • Emergency vacation expense 
  • Golf cart and fire department charges included 
  • Full-timers coverage available 
  • Guaranteed replacement cost and replacement cost options available 

* limits and coverages may vary depending on the options purchased 

Discover why Hagerty provides coverage for more collector cars than anyone in the world. Their Aviva Elite Hagerty Collector Vehicle Program offers: 

Agreed Value Coverage – In the event of a covered total loss, your client receives every cent of their car’s insured value. 

  • Low Rates – Our specialty program rates are typically much lower than standard-use policies. 
  • Flexible Usage – We encourage pleasure use. 
  • Deductible Options – Tailor a policy to your needs and budget. 
  • No appraisals – Tired of appraisals? Good news: In most cases, Hagerty doesn’t require one. 
  • Multi-Vehicle Liability Discounts – Collectors pay less for liability coverage. 
  • Repair Shop of Choice – Select the repair shop you want or fix it yourself. 



Kirby Insurance Agency offers a variety of insurance packages that cover your home and personal possessions, whether you reside in an apartment, a condominium or a house. We make it our business to get you competitive rates on insurance that fully protects you from loss. Visit Kirby Insurance to talk to one of our insurance experts today.

We provide the following home insurance options:

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Your most expensive purchase may be your home, so it’s vital to buy sufficient insurance to rebuild it in the event of a total loss. We calculate the current rebuilding cost of your home using an industry-accepted method based on costs obtained from contractors and appraisers. Due to soaring construction costs, please ensure that your home has been recently evaluated. 

All of our homeowner packages automatically include amounts for detached outbuildings, your personal property, additional living expenses and personal liability. To ensure that you’ve bought sufficient insurance to cover the cost of replacing (new for old) all of the contents of your home in the event of a total loss, be sure to fill out one of our residence inventory forms. 

You can choose to include any one of the following options in your homeowner package: 

  • home-based business endorsement
  • earthquake
  • sewer backup
  • identity theft
  • umbrella liability
  • jewellery, furs and other valuables; and prized collections

We also insure:

  • seasonal properties
  • rental properties
  • mobile homes
  • personal watercraft

Since your condominium’s strata corporation covers the building’s insurance, your personal condominium package focuses on enabling you to replace all of your personal belongings in the event of a total loss, as well as ensuring proper coverage for condo-related issues: 

  • unit improvement and betterments
  • contingent loss assessment (common areas)
  • unit loss assessment (your unit)
  • liability loss assessment
  • coverage of the strata corporation’s deductible. 

Your landlord’s insurance for the building does not cover your belongings. Purchase tenant insurance to protect yourself from loss of or damage to your belongings by theft, accidental fire or other perils. 

Your tenant insurance can also cover personal liability for bodily injury or property damage to a third party. For example, if you caused a fire at your rented premies and were found negligent, the building owner’s insurers could sue you personally for damages. 

Please contact us for a complete review of your residential insurance needs. 



At Kirby Insurance we strongly believe in providing personalized service. With our many years of expertise and broad range of insurance solutions, we make sure you get the coverage you need for the best possible price. 

Commercial insurance is much more complicated than residential coverage because, for the most part, industry-specific risk coverage packages do not exist. The majority of commercial insurance policies, therefore, have to be tailored to the specific needs of the client. There are so many different types of businesses located in such a variety of areas and structures that such individual attention is time consuming and costly, which has led to a drastic increase in the minimum policy premium.

We provide the following options:

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Industry-specific packages have so far been developed only for retail outlets, strict office environments and small sub-trades. More package policies are now in development, however, because they are much easier to rate and underwrite and provide broader benefits to the policy holder.

There has been such an explosion of home-based businesses that insurance carriers have responded by developing home-based business coverages which have lower minimum policy premiums. They cover: 

  • small & midsize business packages
  • large commercial custom accounts
  • USA and worldwide coverage
  • apartment buildings
  • course of constructions
  • bonding
  • errors and omissions/professional liability
  • medical malpractice event liability
  • directors & officers.

Please contact us for a complete review of your commercial insurance needs. 



What matters most to us in life can often seem the most difficult to achieve. We want to make life insurance a little easier, so we invite you to explore your options with one of our experts to obtain the coverage you need.

We include the following:

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Life Insurance needs vary from person to person and business to business. Options include: 

  • mortgage insurance
  • term life insurance
  • whole life insurance
  • universal life insurance
  • buy-sell agreements
  • key-man life insurance

Whether your need is short term, such as protection to cover a mortgage or period of dependency, or your need is more long term, such as providing funds for final expenses or final estate taxes, please contact us for a personalized quotation. 

Without proper medical coverage while out of province on your dream vacation, a sudden illness or medical emergency could not only ruin your trip, but the medical expenses could have a significant financial impact on you.

When you travel outside of British Columbia, your provincial health insurance covers you based on BC fee schedules. Many jurisdictions (e.g. the United States) won’t admit patients without proof of adequate medical cover; also much higher fees for medical services can be charged (one hour in an emergency room in the United States can cost as much as $10,000). 

Consequently, the need to purchase Excess Travel Medical insurance is crucial and will give you the peace of mind you deserve, while vacationing.
The cost and coverage depends on your age, your destination and the duration of your trip. Annual policies can be obtained for those who take frequent trips out of the province. Please call us for a quotation.

Coverages Include: 

  • Out of Country Medical Emergency (Annual packages & Individual plans) 
  • Trip Cancellation 
  • Trip Interruption 
  • Loss of Baggage 
  • Accidental Death 
  • Visitors to Canada 
  • New Immigrants 
  • International Student Plans

Please contact us for a complete review of your travel insurance needs.

Also, don’t forget to contact us if you want the complete list of exclusions, or to learn more about this or any other policy.